Louisiana I.D.'s | Handicap Hangtags

Thib’s Auto Ttitles and Tags offers certified State Identification Cards.

What are the requirements for an I.D.?

  • In order to obtain a Louisiana I.D. with Thib’s, our customer must have already had a Louisiana Driver’s License issued to them.
  • You simply need your social security number.

What Do I need for an I.D. Renewal?

  • Old I.D.
  • If you lost old I.D. then simply bring in your social security number.

Do we issue Real I.D.’s for Airport Travel?

  • No, Thib’s does not at this time have the equipment to issue real I.D.’s
  • The only place you can find real I.D.’s at this time is DMV
  • Thib’s issues simple State Certified I.D.’s

What are the requirements for a Handicap Hangtag?

  • First Issue or Temporary Hangtag’s must have a DPMS 1966 Form present with them.
  • DPSMV 1966 is also known as a Physician’s Certification of Mobility Impairment.
  • This form must be filled out by your doctor and labeled temporary or permanent before you hit Thib’s door.

What are the requirements for a Handicap Hangtag Renewal?

  • If Temporary, you will need your DPMSV 1966 form.
  • Your old Handicap Hangtag.
  • Your old Handicap I.D. card.
  • All photos must be retaken, we cannot reuse old photos.

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